Friday, 25 March 2016

Busy Busy Busy.....

I have been very busy up to now with this project and have created a range of designs on wool some hand embroidered some machine stitched and all embellished in some way whether its bead work, foiling or felting.

my up and coming designs will be on different fabrics maybe some silks and some cottons and be a range of screen prints, digital prints, foiling, flocking and puff binder .

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Today I have spent my morning in the dye lab testing out colours to then use within my final collection of cushion designs. These colours above are now the final colours for my final collection. 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

studio work

Had a busy week in the studio this week designing cushions...

These are some of my main inspirations while looking at layout for my cushion designs, I have took interoperation from these designers by looking at there colour combinations, textures and embellishments used if any and also there use of patterns. 
Within my final collection I have decided I will have a collection of CREAM cushions, a collection of GRAY cushions, a collection of CAD cushions and also a collection of COLOUR background cushions. these will all link together as one large collection with colours used within the embroidery and embellishments and also within the imagery and inspiration.  

This is just a small selection of designs that I have produced that I will then select from to then produce my final collection of 20-25 cushion cover designs. 

Thursday, 7 January 2016


The start of Final Major Project, i am starting to think of new ideas that i can develop my drawings into stitch and didgital work.

Starting development...

I have looked at my colour pallet and started to dye a range of coloured fabrics some are cottons and some are on linen and they have all dyed well but to make my fabric samples more developed i need to add some pastle shades as well as some deep purple or oranges.
I have also started to develop my drawings and add new ones into the previous ones. I have also added to paper collage work onto the drawing to create depth and layers.
Another way i have started to develop my work is by looking at one of my photographs and looking at a small section of detail on the fish and then transfered it into fabric manipulation with my hand dyed fabrics.

Developing my colour pallet...

I have developed my colour pallet by looking at 3 of my insperational photographs.
This has then given me a large colour pallet with many colours and shades to then use in my development work.